Wifi Repeater Signal Range Extender Wireless

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Our WiFi Range Extender Wireless Network Signal Booster was designed to completely get rid of internet connectivity issues by boosting the wireless signal and creating an unbreakable connection.

Wifi Repeater Signal Range Extender Wireless

Designed for speed, this 

wifi repeater automatically detects, connects, and rebroadcasts your routers signal as fast as 300 MBPS! The  antennas on this 

wifi extender helps avoid channel and network conflict which helps create a steady and strong connection.

With our wifi range extender, you can access WiFi from literally any room in your house.
Best Wifi Repeater
Best part of all, the unique design of our  wifi signal booster reduces the lag and stutter and helps increase your download and browsing speeds by up to 75%. In addition, this  wifi amplifier is extremely cost effective because it increases the speed of your Internet without adding an extra penny to your electricity bill. 

Spend more time browsing the Internet and less time fussing over the slow connection with our  wireless extender.
 Signal Range Extender


With this 
wifi network extender, you can easily connect to multiple devices without having to deal with a weak connection. In fact, none of the extra devices will cause the speed to lower.

router extender offers extremely easy installation; simply plug our  wifi extender into an outlet, turn on the WiFi, and connect to the  router booster

Dealing with lag or buffering is a thing of the past with this 
wifi signal range booster. By removing all of the ‘dead WiFi zones’ within your home, which are basically areas of weak connection, this wifi router extender helps increase the quality of the signal.

Stream your favorite movies or watch your favorite shows without facing any interruptions with the wifi signal booster.

Often times, an upgrade in service is not the ideal solution to a faster Internet connection; the speed may be slow simply because of the distance between the device and router. Save tons of money per year with our 
wifi amplifier, which helps increase Internet speed at a fraction of the cost.

1x Wireless WiFi Network Signal Range Extender

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