Ponytail Roll Up Sun Visor Hat

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Finally, you can wear a hat with your hair in a ponytail, knowing you look great, everywhere you go!

Tired of always choosing between the ponytail or wearing that favorite hat? Let’s face it - wearing a ponytail under a normal hat is uncomfortable and just not fashionable!

With our Ponytail Hat, you will be able to rock your favorite look confidently as you enjoy the warm weather.

Stop flattening your hair into a nasty sweaty cap. Try this Airy Topless straw hat with your bun ponytail up. No more muss of your hairdo.

Save that extra time by making sure you can look good in hats, without having to constantly redo your hair

Save the money you’re spending on all those other hats that don’t work with your lovely ponytail


Perfect Messy Bun Ponytail Straw Sun Visor, if you have a lot of hair, your head will get super hot when wearing a full headed hat; But with this top open sun hat, this visor makes it so easy to throw your hair in a messy bun or ponytail and not be overheated with a hat that covers your entire head,open-top keeps you from getting too hot

Rated 5/5 by Caroline Gomez, Customer 
"Finally, sun protection while wearing a bun!
This hat checks all the boxes for my needs. First off, I can wear this hat without destroying any type of updo I already have going on. Second, I don't have to wear a low bun like with a regular sun hat, so my hair isn't sitting on the back of my neck making me sweat. I can adjust it to the needed tightness, it doesn't blow off of my head, and there's no need for a chin strap. Further Details: My hair is long, like past my butt. When buying 'regular' sun hats, I have to go with the man-size because my head is not a petite women's size. This hat has a good size brim, shields my face and neck from the sun, and doesn't look like the men's sun hats I typically have to get. I also like the fact that my roots get sun, so my hair color is even since I don't have to wait for it to get to my shoulders before it sees the sun. I guess I never noticed how much the sun lightens my hair until my mom pointed it out"

Rated 5/5 by Kristina Martinez, Customer 
"I've worn it hiking, at the beach, on my runs, gardening, and anytime I was out in the sun for long periods of time. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on it. And it's very comfortable! I was surprised it never blew off my head in the high winds I was in. It stays on and provides sun protection to my whole face and shoulders. Plus it's so easy to travel with!! It's been great to be able to roll it up, throw it in my purse and bring it wherever life takes me. This hat seriously saved me from the harsh sun all summer while still looking stylish. How great to be able to wear a top knot or high ponytail without a hat to get in the way. Forget hat-hair! This will forever be a staple in my wardrobe :)"