Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detector Alarm

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Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detector Alarm

Did you know that almost 50,000 people get affected in some way due to carbon monoxide poisoning in the US every year? Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious mishap that occurs every year simply because of a lack of proper alarms.

best carbon monoxide detector 

Our exclusive carbon monoxide detector was designed to not only detect and warn people about high CO levels but also detect smoke levels and ensure they're under control. The dual sensor technology with the carbon monoxide alarm detects even the slightest increase in several gases and provides an alert.

The best part of all, installing our CO detector is an extremely easy task and does require drilled holes. Make sure your family stays safe from excessive carbon monoxide and smoke at all times with this smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

best smoke and carbon monoxide detector


SAFE - The 2 in 1 combination smoke carbon monoxide detector has a pre-saved carbon monoxide and smoke level threshold. The moment this threshold is crossed, our smoke and carbon monoxide alarm will start blaring an alarm and flash red LED lights.

WIDE DETECTION RANGE - Our CO alarm is designed to detect carbon monoxide and smoke levels from all sides and angles. Plus, the detection range of this smoke and co detector is roughly 100 feet.

LONG LASTING - Simply put, this carbon monoxide detector was built to last. It takes in 3 1.5V batteries and is designed to consume as little energy as possible. This allows it to last for many more weeks compared to traditional carbon monoxide alarms.


Working voltage: 4.5V,

Detection angle: 360 degrees

Quiescent current: 80 (UA)

Working temperature: 0-55 (°C)

Detection distance: 20-30 (m)

Transmission frequency: 50 (MHZ)

Measuring range: 0-100% LEL

Alarm sound: 80 decibels