BubbleBomb-Bubble Blaster

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Endless entertainment awaits your younglings

Bubbles are always loved by children all over the world, BubbleBomb is the wackiest invention ever made for kids! It sprays smoky bubbles by using water to make the magic of water balloons safer and more immersive than ever!

Your child can enjoy hours of harmless bubbly fun and you can relax knowing there is nothing safer than BubbleBomb. Our toy turns water into bubbles and bubbles into smiles!

  • BubbleBomb enhances hand & eye coordination, visual tracking skills, and will never cease to entertain them!
  • Hold the trigger and BubbleBomb will let out a stream of bubbles that will cover the horizon with magic and smiles!
  • Fresh, safe, and always fun, BubbleBomb provides young and old with endless bubbly entertainment!


How to use BubbleBomb?

1. Open the battery compartment cover on the top of the front end;
2. Install four AAA batteries in the top battery compartment;
3. Install three AAA batteries in the battery compartment;
4. Open the side atomizer cover;
5. Take out the atomizer and install and tighten it;
6. Make bubble liquid and then Install the bubble bottle in the bubble gun
7. You can also use the belt to hang the bubble gun around your neck.
8. Pull the trigger, the smoke bubble can be launched from the bubble gun

Package includes:

1 × Bubbles Gun
1 × Sprayer
1 × Lanyard
2 × Bubble Bottles

BubbleBomb creates a romantic atmosphere and a relaxing and fun time.